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Shiny white structures (SWS) (formerly known as crystalline structures or chrysalis) are only seen with polarized dermoscopy and may require the operator to rotate the dermatoscope over the lesion to see them (angular dependence). SWS include shiny white streaks, shiny white blotches and strands, and rosettes. SWS are white lines oriented orthogonally, parallel or perpendicularly to each other (Kittler et al., 2016a). Histologically, they correlate to stromal alteration and fibrosis (increased dermal collagen), and are secondary to the birefringent properties of collagen bundles (Pizzichetta et al., 2014). Shiny white streaks can be observed in melanomas, atypical genital nevi, Spitz nevi, and LPLKs (Pizzichetta et al., 2014; Shitara et al., 2014). They also correlate with dermal invasion in cases of melanoma (Balagula et al., 2012).