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  1. Introduction / Foreword IDS / Foreword ISIC / How to contribute (Ralph P. Braun)
  2. Principles of dermoscopy (Alon Scope)
  3. Dermoscopic equipment (Philipp Tschandl)
  4. Dermoscopic structures and thir histopathological correlation (Oriol Yélamos)
  5. Terminology (Harald Kittler)
  6. Vascular structures (Ralph P. Braun)
  7. Non melanocytic lesions (Ralph P. Braun)
  8. Benign Melanocytic lesions (Ralph P. Braun)
  9. Melanoma (Ashfaq A. Marghoob)
  10. Nail dermoscopy (Luc Thomas)
  11. Trichoscopy (Lidia Rudnicka, Anna Waskiel Burnat, Adriana Rakowska)
  12. Other special locations (Ralph P. Braun)
  13. Dermoscopy in general dermatology / Inflammoscopy (Aimilios Lallas)
  14. Infectious skin diseases (Entomodermoscopy) (Aimilios Lallas)
  15. Diagnostic Strategies / Algorithms (Ralph P. Braun)
  16. Analytic approach (Harald Kittler)
  17. Two-step algorithm (Ashfaq A. Marghoob)
  18. Clues and tricks (Ralph P. Braun)
  19. Exceptions to rules and mimickers (Ayelet Rishpon, Ashfaq A. Marghoob)
  20. Diagnostic accuracy (Harald Kittler)
  21. Confocal Microscopy (Giovanni Pellacani)
  22. Other Imaging techniques (Ralph P. Braun)
  23. Digital mole monitoring (Harald Kittler, Scott Menzies)
  24. Teledermoscopy (H. Peter Soyer, Katie Lee)
  25. Artificial intelligence (AI) and the ISIC project (Ralph P. Braun, Allan Halpern, Philipp Tschandl)
  26. Books and other resources (Ralph P. Braun)
  27. IDS Dermoscopy Podcasts (Ralph P. Braun)
  28. Meetings (Karsten Hoffmeyer)
  29. Top rated chapters (Karsten Hoffmeyer)

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