Correlation of dermatofibroma

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 Author(s): Oriol Yélamos     ·  Ralph P. Braun
Description This chapter describes correlation of dermatofibromaDermatofibromas are hard solitary slow-growing papules (rounded bumps) that may appear in a variety of colours, usually brownish to tan; they are often elevated or pedunculated. A dermatofibroma is associated with the dimple sign; by applying lateral pressure, there is a central depression of the dermatofibroma.
Author(s) Oriol Yélamos · Ralph P. Braun
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Central white patchCentral white structureless area

A central white patchCentral white structureless area is a white structureless areahomogenous pattern various diagnoses located in the center of a lesion (Kittler et al., 2016a). Histopathologically, this feature corresponds to fibrosis in the papillary dermis (Zaballos et al., 2008).

Peripheral delicate networklight brown, thin network lines

Peripheral delicate network are thin brown lines forming a meshwork pattern in the periphery of a lesion. Histologically, it corresponds to hyperpigmentation of basal keratinocytes. A central white patch together with a peripheral delicate network is highly suggestive for dermatofibroma (Zaballos et al., 2008).