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Description This chapter describes correlation of dermatofibroma
Author(s) Oriol Yélamos · Ralph P. Braun
Responsible author Oriol Yélamos→ send e-mail
Status unknown
Status update January 1, 2019
Status by Ralph P. Braun

Central white patch

A central white patch is a white structureless area located in the center of a lesion (Kittler et al., 2016a). Histopathologically, this feature corresponds to fibrosis in the papillary dermis (Zaballos et al., 2008).

Peripheral delicate network

Peripheral delicate network are thin brown lines forming a meshwork pattern in the periphery of a lesion. Histologically, it corresponds to hyperpigmentation of basal keratinocytes. A central white patch together with a peripheral delicate network is highly suggestive for dermatofibroma (Zaballos et al., 2008).

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