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Dermoscopy is a non invasive diagnostic method.


 The following pages use dermoscopy as keyword:

Attachments for digital camerasIn this chapter we describe dermoscopy attachments for digital cameras
Basal cell carcinomaIn this chapter we describe the dermoscopy features of basal cell carcinoma
ColorsIn this chapter we cover the importance of colors in dermoscopy
Definitions of metaphoric termsThis page has not yet been summarized.
Dermoscopic equipmenthandheld dermatoscopes, systems for digital dermoscopy, attachments for smartphones, tablets / cameras attachments for digital cameras, full body imaging systems etc.
Dermoscopic structuresChapter provides an overview and links to all dermoscopy structures
Dictionary of descriptive and metaphoric terminologyThis page has not yet been summarized.
Differences between histologic and dermoscopic criteriaIn this chapter we describe the difference between histologic and dermoscopy criteria
GlobulesIn this chapter we describe the term globules and its histopathological correlation
Histopathologic correlation of dermoscopic structuresDefinition of dermoscopy criteria such as color and dermoscopy structures and the histopathology correlates
Introduction by the president of the IDSThis article provides the introduction to dermoscopedia by the president of the IDS.
Non melanocytic lesionsbasal cell carcinoma, BCC, squamous cell carcinoma, SCC, Bowens disease, actinic keratosis, seborrheic keratosis, seb K, lichen planus like keratosis, solar lentigo, vascular lesions, dermatofibromas, sebaceous hyperplasia, clear cell acanthoma
Philosopy of DermoscopediaThis article is the introduction to dermoscopedia by the creators and describes the philosophy behind this project. We feature as well the comments by the president of the IDS and ISIC.
Principles of dermoscopyImmersion, polarized light dermoscopy (PD) and non polarized light dermoscopy (NPD), differences between both etc.
Revised two-step algorithmThis page has not yet been summarized.
Superficial Spreading MelanomaDermoscopy of superficial spreading melanoma (SSM)
Terminology for vessel morphology and arrangementThis page has not yet been summarized.
Two-step algorithmtwo-step algorithm in dermoscopy, revised 2 step algorithm

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