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Description dermoscopedia lives and improves only through your input!
Author(s) Ralph P. Braun
Responsible author Ralph Braun→ send e-mail
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Status update August 4, 2021
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dermoscopedia lives and improves only through your input!

It has the following subchapters:

Mission statement
Introduction to dermoscopedia by the president of the IDS
Introduction to dermoscopedia by the founder of ISIC

Become an author and edit chapters[edit]

You can become an author for Dermoscopedia. This will enable you to edit all chapters and to upload images at your convenience. You will get a personalized author page (homepage) which shows as well information such as publication list affiliation etc. click here to see an example
Editing is really easy and fun, so don't be afrait. All your edits are going to be reviewed so don't be afraid.
Write an email to dermoscopy‐at‐ to request an account which will allow you to contribute to this website.
Tutorial (how to edit)

Contribute by adding your own image(s)[edit]

If you feel that you have a great dermoscopy picture, we encourage you to upload it using the link at the top right of every chapter. In order to upload images, you need to be an author (for copyright reasons).
Tutorial (how to upload images)

Submit new chapter[edit]

If you have published on dermoscopy recently and feel that this would be a great contribution for dermoscopedia pls contact us via mail and we will create the chapter so that you can add your text dermoscopy‐at‐ .
Tutorial (how to edit)

Cite dermoscopedia in your own work[edit]

We encourage you to use all the information of dermoscopedia (text, figues, schematics etc). The only condition is that we ask you to cite dermoscopedia appropriately. You find the link on the top right of every page.

Tutorial (how to cite dermoscopedia)
See license details

Give us direct feedback[edit]

We encourage you to give us feedback because we want to improve dermoscopedia. Every page has on the top right the name of the authors and the editor. Click on the little mail icon beside the editors name to contact the editor directly.

You will find the contact us link at the bottom of every page.