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Description This article provides the introduction to dermoscopediaDermoscopedia is the name of this website and is providing state of knowledge information concerning dermoscopy - a non invasive diagnostic method. by the founder of the International Skin Imaging CollaborationThis glossary term has not yet been described. (ISICISIC stands for the International Skin Imaging Collaboration project.).
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The International Skin Imaging Collaboration (ISIC) is an academia and industry partnership designed to facilitate the application of digital skin imaging to diagnose melanomaThis glossary term has not yet been described.. ISIC has partnered with the International DermoscopyThe examination of [skin lesions] with a 'dermatoscope'. This traditionally consists of a magnifier (typically x10), a non-polarised light source, a transparent plate and a liquid medium between the instrument and the skin, and allows inspection of skin lesions unobstructed by skin surface reflections. Modern dermatoscopes dispense with the use of liquid medium and instead use polarised light to cancel out skin surface reflections. Society (IDSIDS stands for the International Dermoscopy Society.) to support dermoscopedia and the ISIC Archive is the repository of imagesA representation of a person, animal or thing, photographed, painted or otherwise made visible. for dermoscopedia. The ISIC Archive is an expanding open source public access archive of skin images for teaching and for the development and testing of automated diagnostic systems. ISIC is also developing proposed standards to address the technologies, techniques, and terminology used in skin imaging with special attention to the issues of privacy and interoperability (i.e., the ability to share images across technology and clinical platforms). You can access the ISIC and ISIC Archive home pages from the menu at the top of dermoscopedia. We encourage you to become involved in ISIC.

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