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The goal of dermoscopediaDermoscopedia is the name of this website and is providing state of knowledge information concerning dermoscopy - a non invasive diagnostic method. is to empower and engage people around the world to use and promote dermoscopyDermoscopy is a non invasive diagnostic method.. It provides state of the art knowledge and information concerning dermoscopy - a non invasive diagnostic method.

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  1. Philosopy of Dermoscopedia (Ralph P. Braun, Ashfaq A. Marghoob)
  2. Principles of dermoscopy (Florentia Dimitriou, Alon Scope)
  3. Dermoscopic equipment (Ralph P. Braun, Philipp Tschandl)
  4. Histopathologic correlation of dermoscopic structures (Ralph P. Braun, Katrin Kerl)
  5. Terminology (Harald Kittler, Ralph P. Braun)
  6. Analytic approach (Florentia Dimitriou, Harald Kittler)
  7. Two-step algorithm (Ralph P. Braun, Ashfaq A. Marghoob)
  8. Non melanocytic lesions (Ralph P. Braun)
  9. Diagnostic Strategies / Algorithms (Ralph P. Braun)
  10. Benign Melanocytic lesions (Ralph P. Braun)
  11. Melanoma (Ashfaq A. Marghoob, Ralph P. Braun)
  12. Special locations (Ralph P. Braun)
  13. Exceptions to the algorithm (Ayelet Rishpon, Ashfaq A. Marghoob)
  14. Inflammoscopy (Sabine Ludwig, Aimilios Lallas)
  15. Infectious skin diseases (Entomodermoscopy) (Aimilios Lallas, Sabine Ludwig, Iris Zalaudek, Horacio Cabo, Emilia Cohen Sabban, Rosario Peralta)
  16. Vascular structures (Ralph P. Braun)
  17. Other Imaging techniques (Ralph P. Braun)
  18. Diagnostic accuracy (Harald Kittler)
  19. Digital mole monitoring (Florentia Dimitriou, Harald Kittler, Scott Menzies)
  20. Teledermoscopy (Katie Lee, H. Peter Soyer)
  21. Computer Assisted Diagnosis (Allan Halpern)
  22. Clues and tricks (Ralph P. Braun)
  23. Books and other resources (Ralph P. Braun)
  24. Instructions for editors / authors (Ralph P. Braun, Karsten Hoffmeyer)
  25. Top rated chapters (Ralph P. Braun, Karsten Hoffmeyer)

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