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Description This chapter describes the correlation of sebaceous neoplasms
Author(s) Oriol Yélamos · Ralph P. Braun
Responsible author Oriol Yélamos→ send e-mail
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Status update January 1, 2019
Status by Ralph P. Braun

Crown vessels

Crown vessels are radial, serpentine, or arborizing vessels at the periphery of the lesion that radiate toward the center but do not cross the midline of the lesion (Kittler et al., 2016a). Histologically, crown vessels reveal dermal vessels displaced by aggregated lobules of hyperplastic sebaceous glands. These vessels are associated with sebaceous neoplasms such as sebaceous hyperplasia, nevus sebaceous and sebaceous adenoma (Kelati et al., 2017; Kim et al., 2008).

“Popcorn structures” (yellow lobule-like structures)

Popcorn structures, also known as cloud structures, are aggregated yellow lobule-like structures with or without a central punctum. This terminology is not included in the 2016 IDS consensus. Histopathologically, they correspond to dermal accumulations of sebaceous glands (Kim et al., 2008)

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