Correlation of ulcerations and erosions

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Description This chapter describes the correlation of ulcerations and erosions
Author(s) Oriol Yélamos · Ralph P. Braun
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Status update January 1, 2019
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Ulcerations are larger red to orange structureless areas. Histologically, they correspond with loss of the entire epidermis (reaching the papillary dermis). A single ulceration is highly suggestive of nodular BCC, but can also be observed in melanoma, SCC or traumatized lesions (table 7) (Aimilios Lallas et al., 2015). Erosions are small brown-red to orange-yellow crusts. Histopathologically, they correspond to partial epidermal loss (Aimilios Lallas et al., 2015). Multiple small erosions are associated with superficial BCC, but can also occur in traumatized lesions (Ahnlide et al., 2016).

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