Comma vessels

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 Author(s): Ralph P. Braun
Description This chapter covers the dermoscopy of comma vessels
Author(s) Ralph P. Braun
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Comma vessels are slightly curved vessels that appear to take the shape of a comma[1]. These vessels tend to appear slightly out of focus, as their deeper location within the dermis does not allow for sharp visualization under dermoscopy.

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Differential diagnosis

Comma vessels are most commonly associated with dermal nevi. In a study of dermal/ congenital nevi, 66.3% exhibited this vascular pattern, with a PPV of 94% [2]. In another study, comma vessels, when distributed in an organized fashion and when they comprise the predominant observed vessel morphology, are predictive that the lesion in question is not a melanoma [3]. In other words, comma vessels are highly suggestive of benign nevi with dermal nevi being the most common, but they can also be seen in compound nevi.

File:Comma vessels1.jpgC600px
Comma vessels as they appear on an intradermal nevus

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