Benign Melanocytic lesions

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 Authored by: Ralph P. Braun

 Keywords:   melanocytic · nevus
Description In this chapter we describe dermoscopyDermoscopy is a non invasive diagnostic method. of benignis any condition that is harmless in the long run melanocyticThis glossary term has not yet been described. lesions and its histopathological correlation
Author(s) Ralph P. Braun
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Status update May 14, 2017
Status by Ralph P. Braun

Classification of nevi / benign nevus pattern

Congenital nevi

Dysplastic / Atypical nevi

Benign nevus pattern

Blue nevi

Growing nevi

Spitz / Reed nevi

Recurrent / persistent nevi

Factors that influence nevus pattern (age, skin type, body site)

Management of nevi 4 x 4 x 6 rule

In this chapter we are going to discuss the benign melanocytic lesions listed above.

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