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 The following pages use melanocytic as keyword:

Benign Melanocytic lesionsClassification of benign nevi, congenital nevi, dysplastic nevi / atypical nevi, benign nevus pattern, blue nevi, growing nevi, Spitz / Reed nevi, recurrent, persistent nevi, factors that influence nevus pattern, management of nevi
Dermoscopic structures in melanocytic neoplasmsThis chapter describes the different dermoscopy structures seen in melanocytic neoplasms such as pigment network, dots, globules streaks etc.
DotsIn this chapter we describe dots and its histopathological correlation
Misclassification of melanocytic lesionsthis chapter describes the misclassification of melanocytic lesions in dermoscopy
Two-step algorithmThis chapter describes the 2 step algorithm in dermoscopy

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