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 Author(s): Luc Thomas     ·  Amélie Boespflug
Description This chapter covers the dermsocopy of onychotillomaniaThis glossary term has not yet been described.
Author(s) Luc Thomas · Amélie Boespflug
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In Fitzpatrick’s type IIIb, IV and V patients, postinflammatory and particularly posttraumatic pigmentation of the skin is not uncommon. This phenomenon also occurs on the nailsThis glossary term has not yet been described.. An excellent example of this occurs in cases of symmetrical pigmentation of the fifth toenail in women due to tight-fitting shoes. Self-provoked repetitive traumaThis glossary term has not yet been described. of the nail in onychotillomania may also cause longitudinal pigmentation. Dermoscopic diagnosisis the identification of the nature and cause of a certain phenomenon. Diagnosis is used in many different disciplines with variations in the use of logic, analytics, and experience to determine "cause and effect". In systems engineering and computer science, it is typically used to determine the causes of symptoms, mitigations, and solutions is based on the observation of a gray pigmentation of the band. In a few cases, the pigmentation can vanish after suppression of the causative repetitive trauma.