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 Author(s): Ralph P. Braun
Description This page provides basic instructions for the use of the wikitext syntax on dermoscopedia for editors / authors.
Author(s) Ralph P. Braun
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Status update March 7, 2018
Status by Ralph P. Braun

Make sure that you are logged in.

Browse to the chapter you would like to edit and click on the "Actions" button and then select "Edit".

The page will open in "edit" mode which looks different than the normal view because you see all characters responsible for the final format of the text.

For example '''bold''' will appear as bold in the normal view etc.

I personally recommend that you write your chapter with a word processor without any formatting, then paste it in the window in the edit mode and then use the menu on top for the format. This will add characters which are visible in the edit mode but not in the normal mode.

You can structure your text using different headings from the menu. Using headins will automatically create an index and add it at the beginning of a chapter.

Important: Always remember to click "save chapter" because otherwise all changes will be lost !!!

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