Normal trichoscopic findings

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Description This chapter describes the normal finding on trichoscopy examination (dermoscopy of hair ans scalp)
Author(s) Anna Waskiel Burnat · Lidia Rudnicka · Adriana Rakowska
Responsible author Anna Waskiel Burnat→ send e-mail
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Status update January 21, 2019
Status by Ralph P. Braun

Trichoscopy in healthy persons is characterized by:

1. Mean hair thickness more than 0,053 mm in the frontal area and more than 0,050 mm in the others (temporal and occipital)

2. Percentage of thin hairs less than 10% in the frontal and occipital area and less than 13% in the temporal areas

3. The percentage of pilosebaceous units with single hair less than 35% in the frontal area, 30% in the occipital area and 40% in the temporal areas

4. Yellow dots less than 4 in 4 fields of vision with 70-fold magnification in the frontal area and only 1 in the others

5. Perifollicular discoloration lower than 25% in the frontal area, lower than 15% in the occipital area and 20% in the temporal area

6. Pinpoint vessels in the frontal area (80% of patients) and thin arborizing vessels in occipital and temporal areas

1. Rakowska, A., Trichoscopy (hair and scalp videodermoscopy) in the healthy female. Method standardization and norms for measurable parameters. J Dermatol Case Rep, 2009. 3(1): p. 14-9.