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 Authored by: Ralph P. Braun     ·  Aimilios Lallas     ·  Ashfaq A. Marghoob

 Keywords:   two-step algorithm · download · pdf
Description This chapter allows to downloadThis glossary term has not yet been described. the pdfThis glossary term has not yet been described. file of the two step algorithmIn mathematics and computer science, an algorithm (Listeni/ˈælɡərɪðəm/ AL-gə-ri-dhəm) is a self-contained sequence of actions to be performed. Algorithms can perform calculation, data processing and automated reasoning tasks.
Author(s) Ralph P. Braun · Aimilios Lallas · Ashfaq A. Marghoob
Responsible author Ash Marghoob→ send e-mail
Status released
Status update July 2, 2018
Status by Ralph P. Braun


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