Nevus and lentigo of the nail matrix

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 Author(s): Luc Thomas, Amélie Boespflug
Description This chapter describes dermoscopy of nevus of the nails
Author(s) Luc Thomas · Amélie Boespflug
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Nevus of the nail matrix

Nail matrix melanocytic acquired nevi are dermoscopically characterized by their brown background coloration and the regular pattern of the longitudinal micro-lines. Congenital nevi may exhibit atypical patterns and their differentiation from melanoma is very difficult on the basis of clinical and dermoscopical features. Therefore careful follow-up is mandatory.

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Nail unit lentigo or lentiginoses [1][2][3]

Lentigo and lentiginoses of various types (e.g. Laugier–Hutziker, Peutz–Jeghers or Carney complex) may affect the nail unit. Examination of other involved areas and consideration that the nail pigmentation is polydactylic greatly aid in diagnosis. Dermoscopy shows a gray band-like pigmentation. Follow-up of these patients might be difficult since additional longitudinal pigmented bands may occur over time.

Blue nevus of the nail unit

Blue nevus of the nail unit is also a very rare entity[4]. Dermoscopically, it corresponds to a blue proximal spot which is stable over time. In our view, the disease is rare enough to justify surgical exploration of the nail matrix and excision of the lesion.

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