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Description This page provides basic instructionsThis glossary term has not yet been described. for the use of the wikitext syntax on dermoscopediaDermoscopedia is the name of this website and is providing state of knowledge information concerning dermoscopy - a non invasive diagnostic method. for editors / authors for adding figuresThis glossary term has not yet been described. to a chapter.
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We recommend that you rename your imagesA representation of a person, animal or thing, photographed, painted or otherwise made visible. with a unique file name:

  • "chapter_12_3_4_figure_3.jpg" or
  • "dermatofibromaDermatofibromas are hard solitary slow-growing papules (rounded bumps) that may appear in a variety of colours, usually brownish to tan; they are often elevated or pedunculated. A dermatofibroma is associated with the dimple sign; by applying lateral pressure, there is a central depression of the dermatofibroma._fig_3.jpg", etc.

Adding images to dermoscopedia is a 2 step process:

Step 1 - Upload the images to the dermoscopedia file server

Step 2 - Inserting the file from the server into the text

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Uploading a file

Click on either one of these buttons:

Locations of the upload forms

You now have 2 choices:

→ for all figures, illustrations and dermoscopic images
→ for all dermoscopyThe examination of [skin lesions] with a 'dermatoscope'. This traditionally consists of a magnifier (typically x10), a non-polarised light source, a transparent plate and a liquid medium between the instrument and the skin, and allows inspection of skin lesions unobstructed by skin surface reflections. Modern dermatoscopes dispense with the use of liquid medium and instead use polarised light to cancel out skin surface reflections. images which should be transferred to the ISIC archive

We recommend the upload to dermoscopedia and the ISIC archive (second option).

Steps to take
  • Choose a unique descriptive name for your filesThis glossary term has not yet been described.
  • Click on the "Upload" button and upload the file from your computeris a device that can be instructed to carry out arbitrary sequences of arithmetic or logical operations automatically. The ability of computers to follow generalized sets of operations, called programs, enables them to perform an extremely wide range of tasks.
  • Wait until the file has been uploaded to the wiki.
  • Add information so files will be searchable
  • Click on "Save page" at the very bottom.
  • Done!

View of the upload form

Inserting a file

You can insert an image (file) in the following way:

View of the upload form
Steps to take
  • BrowseThis glossary term has not yet been described. to the page to which you would like to add the image.
  • Click on the "Embedded files" button in the editEditing refers to changing the content of a page. menu at the top of the text field.
  • Add name of the file you uploaded in Step 1 including the file extension, e.g. ".png" (mandatory)
  • Add a text for the caption. (optional)
  • Add information to the fields of size, alignment and format (optional).
  • Click on the "Insert" button.
  • Done!

In order to find your file including the file name:

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