Regular hyperpigmented structureless areas (regular blotch)

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 Author(s): Ralph P. Braun     ·  Katrin Kerl
Description In this chapter we describe the histopathological correlation of regular hyperpigmented structureless areas (regular blotchOne blotch within center of lesion and surrounded by network)
Author(s) Ralph P. Braun · Katrin Kerl
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Peripheral reticuler central hyperpigmentation schematic.jpg

Regular blotches are defined as those that display symmetry, regular borders,homogenous dark hue, and are located within the center of the lesion. A pigment networkThis glossary term has not yet been described. often surrounds a regular blotch. Regular blotches are associated with neviThis glossary term has not yet been described..

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Regular blotches can be seen in “activated” nevi. This structure is due to heavy concentrations of melanin in the stratum corneum. Because the pigment is present in the stratum corneum, it can easily be stripped off using a tape-stripping procedure, thereby revealing underlying structuresThis glossary term has not yet been described..

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