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 Author(s): Luc Thomas, Amélie Boespflug
Description This chapter describes the dermoscopy of onychomatricoma
Author(s) Luc Thomas · Amélie Boespflug
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Status update June 25, 2018
Status by Ralph P. Braun

Onychomatricoma exhibits the same dermoscopic features as squamous cell carcinoma but with less architectural disorder and more symmetry, and its demarcation from normal uninvolved nail is sharply delineated. Examination of the free edge of the nail plate can reveal the characteristic punctuations of onychomatricoma. However, in our view, dermoscopic differential diagnosis between onychomatricoma and squamous cell carcinoma (and onychopapilloma) remains difficult[1].

Onychomatricome0023.jpg Onychomatricome0024.jpg

  1. Lesort C, Debarbieux S, Duru G, Dalle S, Poulhalon N, Thomas L. Dermoscopic Features of Onychomatricoma: A Study of 34 Cases. Dermatology. 2015;231(2):177-83
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