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Acquired nonscarring alopeciaThis page provides a comprehensive overview of the dermoscopic features of acquired non-scarring alopecia. It serves as a valuable resource for dermatologists, trichologists, and healthcare professionals, offering insights into the diagnosis, classification, and management of this type of hair loss.
Alopecia areatathis chapter describes dermoscopy / trichoscopy of alopecia areata
Androgenetic alopeciathis chapter describes dermoscopy / tricoscopy of androgenetic alopecia
Discoid Lupus erythematosusthis chapter describes the dermoscopy features of lupus erythematosus of the scalp
Dissecting cellulitisthis chapter describes dermoscopy / trichoscopy findings of dissecting cellulitis
Folliculitis decalvansThis chapter describes dermoscopy / trichoscopy features od folliculitis decalvans
Lichen planopilarisThis chapter describes dermoscopy criteria of lichen planopilaris
Primary cicatrical alopeciaCicatricial alopecia, also known as scarring alopecia, refers to a group of hair disorders characterized by permanent destruction of hair follicles and replacement with scar tissue. Dermoscopy is a critical tool in diagnosing and differentiating cicatricial alopecia from non-scarring types, guiding clinical management.
Telogen effluviumthis chapter describes the dermoscopy of telegen effluvium
TrichotillomaniaTHis chapter describes the dermoscopy / trichoscopy of trichotillomania

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