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are the part of the circulatory system, and microcirculation, that transports blood throughout the human body


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Terminology for vessel morphology and arrangment

Descriptive term Metaphoric term Definition Significance†
Vessel morphology
dotted vessels tiny pinpoint vessels flat melanocytic lesions inflammatory diseases Bowen disease
clod vessels red-purple lacunes More or less sharply demarcated roundish or oval areas with a reddish red-bluish maroon or dark-red to black coloration separated from each other by intervening stroma without vessels inside the lacunae. hemangioma
linear vessels Linear mildly curved vessels considered irregular when different sizes shapes and curves with a haphazard or random distribution are presented and considered regular when short and fine (thin) linear vessels prevail various diagnoses
coiled vessels glomerular vessels tightly coiled vessels resembling the glomerular apparatus of the kidney Bowen disease
looped vessels hairpin two parallel linear vessels forming a half looped or hairpin like structure seborrheic keratosis viral warts
serpentine vessels linear irregular linear vessels with multiple bends flat BCC melanoma
helical vessels corkscrew twisted looped vessels with bends twisted along a central axis melanoma metastasis
curved vessels comma linear curved short vessels dermal nevi
monomorphous vessels one type of vessel dominates various diagnoses
polymorphous vessels multiple types of vessels are present may indicate malignancy in appropriate context for example in flat melanocytic lesions
Descriptive term Metaphoric term Definition Significance†
Vessel arrangement
radial vessels crown vessels Radial serpentine or arborizing vessels at the periphery of the lesion that radiate towards the center but do not cross the midline od the lesion. sebaceous hyperplasia
serpiginous vessels string of perls Coiled or dotted vessels arranged in lines clear cell acanthoma
branched vessels arborizing vessels Bright red sharply in focus large or thick diameter vessels dividing into smaller vessels BCC
clustered vessels Coiled or glomerular vessels arranged in groups Bowen disease
centered dots vessels targetoid vessels red dots (vessels) in the center of hypopigmented space between reticular lines congenital melanocytic nevus

† Significance of vascular structures depend on the context and is generally weaker than for pigmented structures