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Philosophy of dermoscopediaThis article is the introduction to dermoscopedia by the creators and describes the philosophy behind this project. We feature as well the comments by the president of the IDS and ISIC.

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Mission statement:

The idea to create an online dermoscopy (aka dermatoscopy) resource arose after numerous brainstorming discussions between Ashfaq Marghoob and Ralph Braun. As educators, they both acknowledged the unmet need for a free, comprehensive, up to date, online resource of information pertaining to all aspects of dermoscopy. dermoscopedia was created to address this unmet need.

The primary goal of dermoscopedia is to promote the use of dermoscopy through education. And the single most important outcome of this education is to enhance our collective abilities at detecting cutaneous malignancies during earlier stages of tumorigenesis, thereby lowering the morbidity and mortality associated with skin cancer.

A few key points worth bearing in mind:

  • The information provided on dermoscopedia is evidence based and up to date.
  • Each chapter in dermoscopedia has an "owner" (aka editor). The "owner" (aka editor) is responsible for the content and accuracy of the chapter.
  • Every chapter will be updated annually by the owner and the owner will take into account the suggestions made by the users of dermoscopedia.
  • Users of dermoscopedia can offer suggestions on improving the content and verbiage in specific chapters and are strongly encouraged to highlight any errors or omissions.
  • Chapters will have exemplar images highlighting specific dermoscopic features. If any user of dermoscopedia is of the opinion that he/she has exemplar image/s that is/are superior to the one/s present in a chapter, we encourage them to submit the image/s to the editor for potential incorporation into the chapter.

Finally, we need your help to make this project successful and need each of you to get involved.

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dermoscopedia lives and improves only through your input!

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