Onboarding new people

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This page describes how toGives basic instructions and directions to someone on the methods for doing or making something. onboard new people at dermoscopediaDermoscopedia is the name of this website and is providing state of knowledge information concerning dermoscopy - a non invasive diagnostic method..

There are two ways new user accounts can be acquired
  1. The interested person requests an account and a "Coordinator" approves the request.
  2. A "Coordinator" creates an account for a person.

After an account was created a "Coordinator" immediately assigns the designated user group(s) i.e. role(s) to the respective account.

  • Every new account is automatically assigned to the "User" user group. The only way to revoke this assignment is to block the account.
  • All permissions associated to a user group are supplementary permissions, i.e. a "Coordinator" must also be assigned to the user groups "Editor" and "Author" and an "Editor" must also be assigned to user group "Author".