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 Authored by: Ralph P. Braun

 Keywords:   string of pearls · clear cell acanthoma
Description Describes dermoscopyDermoscopy is a non invasive diagnostic method. of string of pearlsCoiled or dotted vessels arranged in lines clear cell acanthoma pattern as seen in clear cell acanthomaThis glossary term has not yet been described.
Author(s) Ralph P. Braun
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Status update June 29, 2017
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String of Pearls Pattern[1]

This pattern represents the unique appearance of dotted or glomerular vesselsThis glossary term has not yet been described. arranged in a serpiginous distribution that may appear like a “string of pearls.” This pattern is highly suggestive of a diagnosisThis glossary term has not yet been described. of clear cell acanthoma.

String of pearls schematic.jpg

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