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 Author(s): Ralph P. Braun
Description Describes dermoscopy of string of pearls pattern as seen in clear cell acanthoma
Author(s) Ralph P. Braun
Responsible author Ralph Braun→ send e-mail
Status unknown
Status update June 29, 2017
Status by Ralph P. Braun

String of pearls schematic.jpg

This pattern represents the unique appearance of dotted or glomerular vessels arranged in a serpiginous distribution that may appear like a “string of pearls.” This pattern is highly suggestive of a diagnosis of clear cell acanthoma[1].

Clear cell acanthoma displaying string of pearls pattern


  1. Marghoob & Braun: Proposal for a revised 2-step algorithm for the classification of lesions of the skin using dermoscopy. Arch Dermatol 2010;146:426-8. PMID: 20404234. DOI.
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