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Blood vesselsThis chapter describes the vascular architecture (blood vessels) as seen in trichoscopy (dermoscopy of hair and scalp)
Blood vessels (scalp)This chapter describes the different types of blood vessels that can be found on the scalp using trichoscopy (dermoscopy of the scalp)
Correlation of dermoscopic structures of melanocytic neoplasms in special sitesThe microanatomy of the rete ridge pattern of facial, volar, mucosal, and nail lesions differs from that of non-glabrous skin. The pigmented network is usually absent and diverse dermoscopic patterns are observed Herein we will review the dermoscopic structures and its correlates in these special sites.
Correlation of trichoscopy (hair and scalp dermoscopy)This chapter covers the correlation of trichoscopy (hair and scalp dermoscopy)
Fractured hairsThis chapter describes the trichoscopy of fractured hair shafts (dermoscopy of hair and scalp)
Hair and scalpTrichoscopy is crucial for diagnosing a wide range of hair and scalp conditions, including alopecia, inflammatory scalp diseases, and infections. It aids in differentiating between various types of alopecia, such as androgenetic alopecia, alopecia areata, and scarring alopecias, by identifying specific dermoscopic features associated with each condition.
Inflammatory scalp diseasesInflammatory scalp diseases encompass a broad range of conditions characterized by inflammation of the scalp, leading to symptoms like itching, redness, scaling, and hair loss. These diseases can be challenging to diagnose and manage, as they often present with overlapping clinical features. Dermoscopy plays a crucial role in their evaluation, providing detailed visualization of scalp changes.
Inflammatory scalp diseasesthis chapter describes dermoscopy of inflammatory scalp diseases
Perifollicular and interfollicular skin surfaceThis chapter describes the perifollicular and interfollicular criteria as seen in trichoscopy (dermoscopy of hair and scalp)
Scalp psoriasisthis chapter describes dermoscopy of psoriasis of the scalp
Scalp psoriasisthis chapter describes dermoscopy / trichoscopy of scalp psoriasis
Seborrheic dermatitisThis chapter describes dermoscopy / trichoscopy criteria of seborrheic dermatitis
Special locationsDermoscopy, a vital diagnostic tool in dermatology, is employed for examining skin lesions across various body sites. However, its application in special anatomical locations, such as the face, acral areas (palms and soles), nails, and mucosal membranes, presents unique challenges and requires specific expertise. These areas exhibit distinct anatomical and physiological characteristics that influence the presentation of skin lesions, including those that are cancerous.
Tinea capitisthis chapter describes the dermoscopy / trichoscopy criteria for tinea capitis
TrichoscopyThis chapter describes dermoscopy of hair and scalp (Trichoscopy).

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