Leaf like areas

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 Authored by: Ralph P. Braun     ·  Katrin Kerl

 Keywords:   leaf like areas · bcc · basal cell carcinoma
Description Histopathological correlation of leaf like areasThis glossary term has not yet been described.
Author(s) Ralph P. Braun · Katrin Kerl
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Status update August 15, 2017
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Leaf-like areasBrown to gray/blue discrete linear or bulbous structures coalescing at a common off center base creating structures that resemble a leaf-like pattern. are seen as brown to gray-blue discrete bulbous blobs that often form a pattern shaped like a leaf. They can sometimes appear as tan, broad, and fuzzy streakslines radial (always at periphery) streaks Reed nevus melanoma recurrent nevus at the periphery of a lesion. In the absence of a pigment networkGrid-like pattern consisting of interconnecting pigmented lines surrounding hypopigmented holes., they are highly suggestive of pigmented basal cell carcinomas. Histopathologically, they represent dermal nodular aggregates of pigmented basal cell carcinomaThis glossary term has not yet been described..

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