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Description This chapter covers dermoscopyThe examination of [skin lesions] with a 'dermatoscope'. This traditionally consists of a magnifier (typically x10), a non-polarised light source, a transparent plate and a liquid medium between the instrument and the skin, and allows inspection of skin lesions unobstructed by skin surface reflections. Modern dermatoscopes dispense with the use of liquid medium and instead use polarised light to cancel out skin surface reflections. of superficialThis glossary term has not yet been described. spreadingThis glossary term has not yet been described. melanomaThis glossary term has not yet been described., nodular melanomaThis glossary term has not yet been described., lentigo malignaThis glossary term has not yet been described., etc.
Author(s) Ashfaq A. Marghoob
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This chapter covers dermoscopy of superficial spreading melanoma, nodular melanoma, lentigo maligna, etc.

It has the following subchapters:

Superficial Spreading Melanoma Aimilios Lallas
Acrolentiginous Melanoma Ralph P. Braun, Luc Thomas
Nodular Melanoma Ralph P. Braun, Scott Menzies
Lentigo Maligna Ralph P. Braun, Luc Thomas, Wilhelm Stolz
Amelanotic / hypomelanotic melanoma Teresa Russo, Veronica Di Brizzi, Giuseppe Argenziano
Melanoma on sun damaged skin Ralph P. Braun, Natalia Jaimes
Desmoplastic melanoma Ashfaq A. Marghoob
Metastatic melanoma
Seborrheic keratosis like melanoma
Equivocal lesions Susana Puig, Josep Malvehy
False positive diagnosis Aimilios Lallas
False Negative Diagnosis Aimilios Lallas
Melanoma AJCC Classification
Epidemiology of melanoma


Malignant melanoma has many faces and dependiung on the type of melanoma different dermoscopy criteriameasure of how well one variable or set of variables predicts an outcome can be seen. For this reason we describe the specific criteria in the subchapters (see above).