Port-wine stain

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Description Dermoscopy of port wine stain
Author(s) Pedro Zaballos · Ignacio Gómez Martín
Responsible author Pedro Zaballos→ send e-mail
Status unknown
Status update August 15, 2017
Status by Ralph P. Braun

Capillary malformation that is present at birth and persists throughout life. It may be localized or cover extensive areas of the skin surface.

Dermoscopy [1]:

Superficial port-wine stain:

  • Red dotted and globular vessels

Deep port-wine stain:

  • Dilated linear and tortuous vessels
  • Gray-whitish veil
  • Pale circular areas surrounding a central brownish dot

Mixed pattern

  • Dermoscopic characteristics from either superficial and deep port-wine stain

  1. Piccolo et al.: Dermatoscopy of Vascular Lesions. Dermatol Clin 2018;36:389-395. PMID: 30201148. DOI.
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