Non melanocytic lesions

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Description basal cell carcinomais the most common skin cancer, and one of the most common cancers in the United States.[1] While BCC has a very low metastatic risk, this tumor can cause significant disfigurement by invading surrounding tissues, BCCAbbreviation for Basal Cell Carcinoma, squamous cell carcinomaThis glossary term has not yet been described., SCCThis glossary term has not yet been described., Bowens disease, actinic keratosisActinic keratosis (also called solar keratosis and senile keratosis; abbreviated as AK) is a pre-cancerous patch of thick, scaly, or crusty skin., seborrheic keratosisThis glossary term has not yet been described., seb K, lichen planus like keratosisThis glossary term has not yet been described., solar lentigoThis glossary term has not yet been described., vascular lesions, dermatofibromas, sebaceous hyperplasiaThis glossary term has not yet been described., clear cell acanthoma(also known as "Acanthome cellules claires of Degos and Civatte," "Degos acanthoma," and "Pale cell acanthoma") is a benign clinical and histological lesion initially described as neoplastic, which some authors now regard as a reactive dermatosis. It usually presents as a moist solitary firm, brown-red, well-circumscribed, 5 mm to 2 cm nodule or plaque on the lower extremities of middle-aged to elderly individuals The lesion has a crusted, scaly peripheral collarette and vascular puncta on the surface. It is characterized by slow growth, and may persist for years. The clinical differential diagnosis includes: dermatofibroma, inflamed seborrheic keratosis, pyogenic granuloma, basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, verruca vulgaris, psoriatic plaque, and melanoma.
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Basal cell carcinoma

Actinic keratosis / Bowen's disease / keratoacanthoma / squamous cell carcinoma

Solar lentigines / seborrheic keratoses / lichen planus-like keratosis

Vascular lesions


Sebaceous hyperplasia

Clear Cell acanthoma


Collision lesions



In this chapter we will discuss the different types of non melanocyticThis glossary term has not yet been described. lesion we acknowledge that there are more many more types of non melanocytic lesionsThis glossary term has not yet been described..