Actinic keratosis / Bowen's disease / keratoacanthoma / squamous cell carcinoma

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Description This chapter covers keratinocytic tumors
Author(s) Iris Zalaudek · Teresa Deinlein
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This chapter covers keratinocytic tumors

It has the following subchapters:

Actinic (solar) keratosis (AK), Bowen’s disease (BD), keratoacanthoma (KA), and squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) comprise the spectrum of premalignant and malignant keratinizing tumors. In contrast to the well-defined dermoscopic criteria of pigmented tumors, the dermoscopic features of these, mostly non-pigmented keratinizing tumors, are less well established. Most of the described dermoscopic patterns are based on case series. The dermoscopic diagnosis of these tumors is mainly based on the assessment of vascular patterns. The architectural arrangement and distribution of the vessels within the lesion and the correlation with the clinical assessment (e.g. texture, firmness) may provide improved specificity. Other associated, but nonspecific features are erythema, scale, erosion or keratin. Since their diagnosis is mostly based on the ability to visualize blood vessels under dermoscopy, the use of polarized light dermoscopy instruments is preferred as it seems to provide the best method to visualize vascular structures. In addition, using a viscous immersion medium, such as ultrasound gel, when applying contact dermoscopy, will allow for better visualization of the vascular structures as it eliminates the effect of pressure-induced compression of blood vessels.

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