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This page holds the list of the Article of the Month.

Article of the Month 01 Importance of including Skin of Color01Dermoscopy of Skin of ColorIndividuals with skin of color (SOC) are defined by the Skin of Color Society as those individuals of Hispanic/Latino, Asian, African, Native American, Pacific Island descent, and mixtures thereof. All too often skin cancers are detected late in persons of skin of color due to many factors including health inequity, poverty, lack of access to education and healthcare.BCC pigmented nodular AAW nose dms-001.jpg
Article of the Month 02 Basic nail dermoscopy criteria02Basic nail dermoscopy criteriaDermoscopy has been used for many years in the differential diagnosis of pigmented skin tumors and has been proven superior to naked-eye examination in the differential diagnosis of melanoma on the skin.3241d.JPG.jpg
Article of the Month 12 Two-step algorithm12Two-step algorithmThe top-down 2-step pattern analysis approach builds upon the previous classic and revised 2-step approaches by eliminating the requirement to differentiate melanocytic from non-melanocytic lesions in stepTwo-step algorighm - cover.png