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 Author(s): Harald Kittler
Description This chapter describes the different dermoscoy pattern
Author(s) Harald Kittler
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Status update September 2, 2019
Status by Ralph P. Braun

Metaphoric term Definition
starburst pattern This pattern consists of peripheral globules, pseudopods or streaks (or a combination of them), located around the entire perimeter of the lesion
homogeneous pattern A pattern lacking any definable pigment structures, structureless pattern
ceribriform pattern Thick curved lines created by gyri and keratin filled sulci. These gyri and sulci coalesce forming a brain-like appearance pattern.
fingerprint pattern Light brown thin curved lines that do not interconnect to form a network. These tend to be linear to curvilinear. They correspond to small and thin gyri.
rainbow pattern Circumscribed structureless areas displaying colors of the whole spectrum of visible light
strawberry pattern Reddish pseudo-network (erythema and wavy fine vessels) around hair follicle openings which are accentuated with a white halo appearance
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