Metaphoric term "Pigment network"

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 Author(s): Harald Kittler
Description This chapter covers the terminology of pigment network
Author(s) Harald Kittler
Responsible author Harald Kittler→ send e-mail
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Status update July 2, 2019
Status by Ralph P. Braun

Metaphoric term Definition
Pigment network Grid-like pattern consisting of interconnecting pigmented lines surrounding hypopigmented holes.
typical network Network with minimal variability in the color, thickness, and spacing of the lines; symmetrically distributed
delicate network light brown, thin network lines
atypical network Network with increased variability in the color, thickness, and spacing of the lines of the network; asymmetrically distributed; gray color
broadened network widening of the network lines
negative network Serpiginous interconnecting broadened hypopigmented lines that surround elongated and curvilinear globules.
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