Terminology Clods

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 Author(s): Harald Kittler
Description This chapter covers the terminology of clods
Author(s) Harald Kittler
Responsible author Harald Kittler→ send e-mail
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Status update July 2, 2019
Status by Ralph P. Braun

Descriptive terminology Metaphoric terminology Significance
clods small round or oval globules various diagnoses
clods brown circumferential rim of brown globules growing nevi
clods brown yellow or orange (rarely black) comedo-like openings SK
clods brown or blue concentric (clod within a clod) concentric globules BCC
clods brown or skin colored large and polygonal cobblestone pattern dermal nevi
clods blue large clustered blue-gray ovoid nests BCC
clods blue small blue globules BCC
clod within a clod (concentric clods) variant of spoke wheel area BCC
clods white shiny* shiny white blotches and strands BCC
clods pink and small milky red globules melanoma
clods red or purple red lacunes hemangioma

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