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 Author(s): Harald Kittler
Description This chapter covers the terminology of lines
Author(s) Harald Kittler
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Descriptive terminology Metaphoric terminology Significance
lines reticular pigment network melanocytic lesions dermatofibroma solar lentigo
lines reticular and thick broadened network melanoma
lines reticular and thin delicate network melanocytic nevi
lines reticular and thick or reticular lines that vary in color atypical pigment network melanoma
lines reticular white melanoma Spitz nevus dermatofibroma
lines reticular hypopigmented around brown clods negative pigment network (former synonyms: inverse network reticular depigmentation) melanoma Spitz nevus
lines white perpendicular* shiny white streaks (former synonyms: chrysalis chrysalids crystalline) melanoma BCC Spitz nevus dermatofibroma
lines branched branched streaks melanocytic lesion
lines radial (always at periphery) streaks Reed nevus melanoma recurrent nevus
lines radial and segmental radial streaming melanoma recurrent nevi
lines radial connected to a common base leaf like areas (sometimes variously shaped large clods have also been termed leaf like areas) BCC
lines radial converging to a central dot or clod spoke wheel area (sometimes a clod within a clod has also been termed spoke-wheel area/concentric structure) BCC
lines curved and thick cerebriform pattern (former synonyms: “brain-like appearance”) to describe the pattern and fissures and ridges (former synonyms “gyry and sulci” and “fat fingers”) to describe the structural components of the pattern SK
lines brown curved parallel thin fingerprinting solar lentigo
lines curved and thick in combination with clods crypts SK
lines parallel short crossing ridges (volar skin) fibrillar pattern acral nevi
lines parallel thick on the ridges (volar skin) parallel ridge pattern acral melanoma
lines parallel thin in the furrows and crossing the ridges (volar skin) lattice-like pattern acral nevi
lines parallel thin in the furrows (volar skin) parallel furrows pattern acral nevi
lines angulated or polygonal (facial skin) rhomboids lentigo maligna
lines angulated or polygonal (non-facial skin) angulated lines/polygons/zig-zag pattern lentiginous melanomas (non-facial non-acral)

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