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Dots are small, round structures of less than 0.1 mm in diameter that have a red color when corresponding to blood vessels; however, when due to melanin, their color ranges from black, brown, to blue-gray depending on the depth and concentration of the melanin in the skin (Tyndall effect).


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Analytic approachThe analytic approach refers to algorithmic method for the diagnosis of pigmented lesions using dermoscopy.

The essence of pattern analysis is a structured description formulated using a clearly defined algorithmic method. The diagnostic method is structured in such a way that one starts by describing the most general of features, then proceeds progressively to finish with the most specific features. The algorithm always takes the general form: Pattern + Color + Clues = Diagnosis

Using patterns, colors and clues, the number of potential diagnoses is progressively minimized. Pattern is a method by which algorithms are constructed.
DotsIn this chapter we describe dots and its histopathological correlation
DotsThis chapter describes the correlation of dots in dermoscopy
Irregular dotsThis chapter covers the dermoscopy term irregular dots and its histopathological correlation
Metaphoric term "Dots"This chapter covers the terminology of dots
Regular dotsThis describes the dermoscopy term of irregular dots and its histopathological correlation
Structures used in pattern analysisThis chapter covers the structures and patterns used in pattern analysis
Terminology DotsThus chapter covers the terminology of dots


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