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This page serves as a list for gardening possibly abandoned pages, i.e. pages which are not being listed on the Table of Contents (TOC) of dermoscopedia. Pages listed here are not being included on the TOC and may probably very well be deleted.

PageOwnerOn TOC?
About the User PageKarsten Hoffmeyerfalse
Attachments for smartphonesRalph P. Braunfalse
Attachments for smartphones / tablets / camerasRalph P. Braunfalse
Attachments that attach handheld scopes to smartphones / tabletsRalph P. Braunfalse
Blood vesselsN.N.false
Definitions of metaphoric termsHarald Kittlerfalse
Depigmented structureless areasRalph P. Braunfalse
Dermlite ScopesRalph P. Braunfalse
Dermoscopy of inflammatory skin diseasesAimilios Lallasfalse
Exceptions to rules & mimickersAshfaq A. Marghoobfalse
FotofinderRalph P. Braunfalse
General MedicineRalph P. Braunfalse
Hair follicle openingsN.N.false
Hair shaftsN.N.false
How to confirm your e-mailKarsten Hoffmeyerfalse
How to edit annotationsKarsten Hoffmeyerfalse
How to handle files (uploading and using files)Karsten Hoffmeyerfalse
How to handle files (uploading and using files) - advanced usersKarsten Hoffmeyerfalse
How to monitor content pagesKarsten Hoffmeyerfalse
How to onbord new usersKarsten Hoffmeyerfalse
How to recover the account passwordKarsten Hoffmeyerfalse
Irregular StreaksRalph P. Braunfalse
Light brown structureless areasRalph P. Braunfalse
Misclassification of melanocytic lesionsAshfaq A. Marghoobfalse
Misclassification of non-melanocytic lesionsAshfaq A. Marghoobfalse
Nevi during pregnancyIris Zalaudekfalse
Other non melanocytic lesionsRalph P. Braunfalse
Other techniquesRalph P. Braunfalse
Perifollicular and interfollicular skin surfaceN.N.false
PseudopodsRalph P. Braunfalse
Radial streamingRalph P. Braunfalse
Regular StreaksRalph P. Braunfalse
RosaceaHoracio Cabofalse
Shiny white areasRalph P. Braunfalse
Terminology for vessel morphology and arrangementHarald Kittlerfalse
The seven-point checklist & melanoma incognitoTeresa Russofalse