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This page serves as a list for gardening possibly abandoned pages, i.e. pages which are not being listed on the Table of Contents (TOC) of dermoscopedia. Pages listed here are not being included on the TOC and may probably very well be deleted.

A number of 113 are possibly abandoned pages:

PageOwnerOn TOC?
Acrolentiginous MelanomaRalph P. Braunfalse
AngiokeratomaPedro Zaballosfalse
Attachments for digital camerasRalph P. Braunfalse
Attachments for smartphonesRalph P. Braunfalse
Attachments for smartphones / tablets / camerasRalph P. Braunfalse
Attachments that attach handheld scopes to smartphones / tabletsRalph P. Braunfalse
Atypical networkRalph P. Braunfalse
Benign epithelial tumors of the matrixLuc Thomasfalse
Benign nevus patternRalph P. Braunfalse
Blood vesselsAnna Waskiel Burnatfalse
Blue white veilRalph P. Braunfalse
Cases for smartphonesRalph P. Braunfalse
Clinical examinationAlon Scopefalse
Collision lesionsAndreas Blumfalse
ColorsRalph P. Braunfalse
Comedo like openingsRalph P. Braunfalse
ConclusionRalph P. Braunfalse
Contribute to DermoscopediaRalph P. Braunfalse
Correlation of inflammatory diseasesOriol Yélamosfalse
Definitions of metaphoric termsHarald Kittlerfalse
Depigmented structureless areasRalph P. Braunfalse
Dermlite ScopesRalph P. Braunfalse
Dermoscopic equipment (full text)Ralph P. Braunfalse
Dermoscopic structures (full text)Ralph P. Braunfalse
Dictionary of descriptive and metaphoric terminology (full text)Harald Kittlerfalse
Differences between histologic and dermoscopic criteriaRalph P. Braunfalse
Differences between polarized and non polarized dermoscopyAlon Scopefalse
DotsRalph P. Braunfalse
Evolution of Spitz neviRalph P. Braunfalse
Factors that influence nevus pattern (age, skin type, body site)Iris Zalaudekfalse
Fingerprint like structuresRalph P. Braunfalse
Fissures and ridgesRalph P. Braunfalse
FotofinderRalph P. Braunfalse
Fractured hairsAnna Waskiel Burnatfalse
Full Body Imaging SystemsRalph P. Braunfalse
GlobulesRalph P. Braunfalse
Glomus-cell tumorsLuc Thomasfalse
Granularity / PepperingRalph P. Braunfalse
Handheld dermatoscopesRalph P. Braunfalse
Histopathological correlation (full text)Ralph P. Braunfalse
Homogenous blue patternRalph P. Braunfalse
Importance of dermoscopy and histopathology correlates)Oriol Yélamosfalse
Irregular GlobulesRalph P. Braunfalse
Irregular StreaksRalph P. Braunfalse
KeratoacanthomaIris Zalaudekfalse
LacunaeRalph P. Braunfalse
Large blue gray ovoid nestsRalph P. Braunfalse
Leaf like areasRalph P. Braunfalse
Lichen planus-like keratosisMaggie Olivierofalse
Light brown structureless areasRalph P. Braunfalse
Malignant onychopapilomaLuc Thomasfalse
Metaphoric term "Blotches"Harald Kittlerfalse
Metaphoric term "Dots"Harald Kittlerfalse
Metaphoric term "Globules"Harald Kittlerfalse
Metaphoric term "Pigment network"Harald Kittlerfalse
Metaphoric term "Shiny white structures"Harald Kittlerfalse
Metaphoric term "Streaks"Harald Kittlerfalse
Milia like cystsRalph P. Braunfalse
Misclassification of melanocytic lesionsAshfaq A. Marghoobfalse
Moth eaten borderRalph P. Braunfalse
Multiple Blue-Gray Non-aggregated Dots and GlobulesRalph P. Braunfalse
Nail dermoscopyLuc Thomasfalse
NailsLuc Thomasfalse
Negative Pigment NetworkRalph P. Braunfalse
Nevi during pregnancyIris Zalaudekfalse
Nodular Basal Cell CarcinomaAshfaq A. Marghoobfalse
Non polarized dermoscopyAlon Scopefalse
Other devicesPhilipp Tschandlfalse
Other diagnostic strategies / algorithmsRalph P. Braunfalse
Other non melanocytic lesionsRalph P. Braunfalse
Other techniquesRalph P. Braunfalse
Pigment networkRalph P. Braunfalse
Polarized dermoscopyRalph P. Braunfalse
PoromaOfer Reiterfalse
Principles of dermoscopy (full text)Alon Scopefalse
PseudonetworkRalph P. Braunfalse
PseudopodsRalph P. Braunfalse
Radial streamingRalph P. Braunfalse
Regression structures / Blue white structuresRalph P. Braunfalse
Regular GlobulesRalph P. Braunfalse
Regular StreaksRalph P. Braunfalse
RosaceaHoracio Cabofalse
RosettesRalph P. Braunfalse
Sebaceous hyperplasiaPedro Zaballosfalse
Seborrheic keratosesRalph P. Braunfalse
Shiny white areasRalph P. Braunfalse
Shiny white blotches and strandsRalph P. Braunfalse
Shiny white streaksRalph P. Braunfalse
Shiny white structuresRalph P. Braunfalse
Solar lentiginesRalph P. Braunfalse
Solar lentigines / seborrheic keratoses / lichen planus-like keratosis (full text)Ralph P. Braunfalse
Spitz / Reed neviN.N.false
Spoke wheel like structuresRalph P. Braunfalse
Squamous cell carcinomaIris Zalaudekfalse
Squamous cell carcinoma in situ / Bowens diseaseIris Zalaudekfalse
StreaksRalph P. Braunfalse
Structureless areasRalph P. Braunfalse
Subungual hemorrhageLuc Thomasfalse
Superficial Spreading MelanomaAimilios Lallasfalse
Systems for digital dermoscopyRalph P. Braunfalse
Terminology CirclesHarald Kittlerfalse
Terminology ClodsHarald Kittlerfalse
Terminology DotsHarald Kittlerfalse
Terminology LinesHarald Kittlerfalse
Terminology PseudopodsHarald Kittlerfalse
Terminology StructurelessHarald Kittlerfalse
Terminology for vessel morphology and arrangementHarald Kittlerfalse
Terminology othersHarald Kittlerfalse
TumorsLuc Thomasfalse
Typical networkRalph P. Braunfalse
Vascular lesionsPedro Zaballosfalse
Vascular structuresRalph P. Braunfalse
White scar-like depigmentationRalph P. Braunfalse